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Veterinary Emergency Care

At this time, the Animal Hospital at Babcock is unable to accommodate veterinary emergency or urgent cases. If you're having a pet emergency, please contact one of the nearby emergency animal hospitals listed below. 

Emergency Veterinary Services

If your pet is experiencing any concerning symptoms, contact one of the 24-hour emergency pet hospital locations above. 

Steps to Take In A Pet Emergency

If you are experiencing a veterinary emergency, follow the steps below.

  • Call Ahead If Possible - It is always best to call the emergency animal hospital if possible. This allows them to offer first aid advice and prepare for your pet's arrival.
  • Follow Instructions Provided - When you call to let the emergency pet hospital know you are on your way, instructions may be provided to help you apply first aid or otherwise make your pet as comfortable. Follow these instructions carefully.
  • Remain Calm - Remain calm and be extra careful around your pet. When an animal is in pain they often react negatively towards anyone trying to help and could bite or scratch.
  • Bring Your Pet In For Care - Do not put yourself or your pet at risk! Safely bring your pet to the nearest emergency veterinary hospital. 

Situations That Require Emergency Vet Care

If your pet is experiencing any of the items listed below or exhibiting any behavior you are concerned with, please contact the nearest emergency veterinary hospital right away.

  • Severe bleeding or bleeding that doesn't stop
  • Obvious signs of pain or extreme anxiety
  • Choking, difficulty breathing, or continuous coughing/gagging
  • Fractured bones or severe lameness
  • Seizures and/or staggering
  • Bleeding from nose, mouth, rectum, or blood in the urine
  • Inability to urinate or pass feces, or pain associated with urinating or passing feces
  • Severe vomiting or diarrhea; 2+ episodes in 24-hours
  • Injuries to the eye(s)
  • Your pet has ingested something poisonous
  • Heat stress or heatstroke
  • Refusal to drink for 24 hours or more
  • Unconsciousness

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